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College Cost

College Costs No One Thinks About

Most families often underestimate or overlook what it costs for their student to attend college. Most families will rely totally on college websites where the published total cost of attending is shown. However, there are other costs that is overlooked once the student gets to the ivy-covered walls of their selected college or university.

According to an article from The Washington Post, “The average undergrads spend $765 every year eating off campus, even if their parents have already shelled out for a meal plan. A bus pass to get to an off-campus job or internship can be $50 a month or more. Dorm insurance or renter’s insurance might cost a couple hundred dollars per year.”

According to Consumer Reports, “Laundry isn’t free. You might pay fees for joining a club or storing personal items over the summer. Concerts, sporting events, and movie nights add up too.”

Unforeseen or unbudgeted additional college costs could very easily break a family’s college budget.  According to Edvisors, a website that provides information on planning and paying for college, “Unforeseen college costs can add up to an additional $250 to $500 every month. For the unprepared, the extra expenses can be a major financial strain. Sixty-four percent of college students have run out of money before the end of the semester at least once. Unanticipated costs were to blame for drained bank accounts in half of those cases.”

Here is a list of unforeseen college cost that most families over look:

  • Application fees paid to varies colleges can total hundreds of dollars
  • Taking the SAT (including the essay test) costs $57 - ACT fees are similar
  • Advanced Placement exam costs $93 on average
  • Fees for the college fitness center - often, the fees aren’t optional
  • Fees for health insurance - often, the fees aren’t optional
  • Dorm room refrigerator rental
  • TV cable fees
  • Charges for a visit to the college’s student health center
  • Charges to print a paper for class
  • Charges for the cap and gown to wear to college graduation
  • Charges for using a credit card
  • Once you graduate, you could pay extra charges for copies of your transcripts for graduate school applications
  • Additional cost of joining a fraternity or sorority - including formal events, gifts for sorority or fraternity sisters or brothers and clothing etc.
  • Annual dues, fines for infractions (like skipping a required meeting)
  • Fees for social events, and purchases of T-shirts and other college gear
  • Cost of transportation – travel to and back to college
  • If student owns a car they will have to pay campus parking fees
  • Students that don’t have a car on campus may incur bus pass fees or Uber fares
  • Lab fees and instructional materials
  • Music or performing arts majors might have to pay extra for practice room time
  • Spring breaks to Florida or other warm locations

Adding up all the additional college costs that are overlooked could cost the family several thousands of dollars over their students stay in college. Therefore,putting together a cash flow and tax plan to cover college costs is so important.


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