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College Major Quiz

Choosing a major that is right for you is an important part of your college experience. Many schools specialize in certain majors and a school's strong reputation in a particular field can help launch your career after graduation. Ultimately, understanding which majors fit your interests, skills, and strengths can help narrow down your college decision.

Some schools expect you to know immediately what your major will be; however, many universities are a bit less stringent and allow you to choose after you’ve been a student at the college for some time and have a better idea of which path is best for you.

College Degree Planners realizes the additional stress that choosing a major can cause and therefore offer you our College Major Quiz that can help you answer that all important question of ... What should I major in?

Some students, especially those who are now in their senior year, are having difficulty in choosing what courses to take. The College Major Quiz is in no way meant to be a predictor tool for your academic success, but it is made to highlight your interests and for you to gauge your analytical skills as well as your personality to match what course best suits you. So Try It Now!

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