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If you want to attract and retain the cream-of-the crop of employees, you’re likely already aware that offering benefits as part of a compensation package is a necessity. Due to the costs involved, small employers in particular must choose carefully among the benefits available—you want to offer the benefits that employees value most while also being affordable.

Through College Degree Planners you can offer such a Value Added benefit to your employees … at NO COST to them … and most importantly
… NO COST to YOU!!

To get ALL your questions answered we invite you to attend

our Live Presentation - every Monday Night @ 8:30PM Central


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  • Creative Methods for saving CASH for College (save an average of $100-$300 per month)
  • Our Comprehensive College Prep Program (including Timeline, Procedures & Reminders)
  • 30-Day Video Program on Building/Rebuilding Credit
  • Pay Off Your Debt In Record Time Saving You Thousands

Learn the Facts

  • How to fund a College Degree
  • Planning Time Lines
  • College Selections
  • Financial Aid
  • The Role Students Play
  • The Role Parents Play

We help students prepare for and attend the college of their choice in the most affordable way by offering our "The Planner" and our "The Navigator" ...

We show you how you can save an average of $100 to $300 each and every month so those savings can be set aside for a college fund, help you prepare for and get a higher score on your ACT, SAT, and PSAT Exams, teach you what and how things affect your credit, and much more ...

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    College Degree Planners
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