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Financial Aid Calculator

This calculator is designed for use by students who live in, or are citizens of, the U.S. or Canada. Data must be entered in U.S. dollars. Most colleges and universities employ a formula to determine eligibility for students from outside the U.S. or Canada that is not available with this calculator.

  • Estimate how much the student’s family will be expected to contribute for the year. After all, you can’t make a realistic plan to cover the student’s share if you don’t have any idea what the student’s share could be.
  • Gain insight into the student’s financial aid eligibility. If you’re unable to contribute the entire cost of college, financial aid is available to bridge the gap. That's how the financial aid system works. The difference between the total cost and the student's EFC is considered the student's financial need and the amount of aid you’re eligible to receive.

If you have a specific college in mind, you can get a more accurate estimate of your real cost by using the net price calculator on its website. Net price is the full cost of attendance minus the grants and scholarships you receive from the college. A college’s net price calculator uses the financial aid policies of that college to calculate its estimate.

College may seem expensive. But the truth is that most students pay less than their college’s sticker price, or published price, thanks to financial aid. So instead of looking at the published price, concentrate on your net price — the real price you’ll pay for a college.

What Is Net Price?

Your net price is a college’s sticker price for tuition and fees minus the grants and scholarships and education tax benefits you receive. The net price you pay for a particular college is specific to you because it's based on your personal circumstances and the college’s financial aid policies.

The net price, on average, is considerably lower than the published price. For example, the average published in-state price for tuition and fees for four-year public colleges is $9,139 per year. But the average net price — what the average family really pays — is just $3,030 per year. For private nonprofit four-year colleges, the average published price is $31,230 per year, but the average family pays just $12,360 annually.

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