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Financial Coaching Program


Don’t Know How to Get Rid of Your Debts So You Will Be Financially Ready?

You Need A Financial Coaching Advocate to coach you how to get your debts reduced so you can pay them off, We Can Help!

As part of our coaching program, if you have unsecured debts like credit cards that you need help with, we will coach you on how to get these debts reduced so you can pay them off. If you have unreported back tax returns or back taxes you need to resolve, we will refer you to the number one company in the US for handling these types of problems, and walk you through the process. Total enrollment minimum $3,000 maximum $15,000, IFC’s financial coaching program provides three or four major sessions over a 90-120 day timeframe, depending upon where you are in life.  These are the main focal points of IFC’s coaching program as a whole:

  • Low Cost Alternative to Traditional Methods
  • We Review Credit Reports With You
  • Over 20 Years of Experience
  • Our Coaches All Hold The Professional Designation Of “Certified Financial Coach”
  • We Understand Your Need to Define Achievable Goals
  • For Smaller Debts, We Teach You How to Easily Lower Your Debts to Pay Them Off
  • For Larger Debts, Our Program Assumes Your Debt and Gets Rid Of It!
  • Set meeting schedule to review progress offer specific additional coaching needed, as well as resources for handling a variety of opportunities uncovered by the coaching program to benefit the client

Includes a free initial consultation to guide you to which program may be best for you.

Having a hard time paying your debts?


Are you being harassed at home and work?


Have your credit card interest rates skyrocketed?


Have the banks severely reduced your available credit?



Have you tried to work with your creditors but been brushed off or threatened?


Are your debts keeping you from paying your mortgage?


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