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At College Degree Planners, LLC our goal is to help as many familes as we possibly can live the life that they deserve, free of concerns about college costs, student loans, unsecured debt, credt issues, and anything having to do with debt in general.  

Our programs/services are designed to not only guide students and their parents through the college planning process but through life in general and to help them Find Financial Freedom.

Recent budget cuts have affected most everyone in this country, and we would like to offer you an opportunity to raise funds for your cause, whether for profit or non profit, with our Fundraising program that allows you to promote "The Navigator" to your supporters with absolutely ZERO COST TO YOU!!

The Navigator offers in demand invaluable programs/services that address all the major debt concerns that familes face from college through retirement, including Consolidation Of Federal Student Loans, and offers you an excellent opportunity to generate funds for your cause by helping us pay it forward.

Since 2002, we have been fortunate to partner with many schools, churches, home school associations, businesses, purchasing cooperatives, insurance companies, and organizations that are also dedicated to assisting students and their families, and we invite YOU to join us in our quest.

Please click on the "More Details" link below to find out how we have taken Fundraising To A Whole New Level!


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