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It’s $49.95 per month but worth every penny …

With tools and info that will help you through college and beyond. 

The $49.95 service is designed for Students from the 8th thru 12th Grade and allows their Parents, Grand Parents, Counselors, and Teachers to monitor their progress.

We’re talking about thorough college planning, including;

  • Important timelines
  • Step by step guide
  • Planning reminders
  • Preparing for entrance exams
  • Online practice test for the ACT, SAT, and PSAT
  • Understanding student loans
  • Raising Funds
  • Understanding credit
  • Managing debt
  • And much more…  More Info

 Planning For College With CHOICES To Fit ANY Budget.

"The Navigator" is offered for those that want a more comprehensive program that does MORE THAN just help you prepare for your actual ACT, SAT, & PSAT exams, it gives you the ability to search through 8,000 Scholarships & Grants that are available nationwide, take our Major Quiz exam to help you determine what your major should be, have your own personal Calendar to keep you on track with upcoming events and important dates, helping you NAVIGATE through All Of The Information necessary to allow you to attend the college of your choice with the least amount of cost out of YOUR or Your Parents Pocket!

Finding time for all your commitments is no easy task. This self-paced course was created with a busy student like you in mind. Designed by our team "The Navigator" delivers comprehensive test prep and exclusive test-taking strategies.

The content is all powered by a recommendation engine designed to help you target your areas of focus. For your convenience all your lessons, drills, and practice tests, are accessable 24/7 online.

* Should you have ANY QUESTIONS we encourage you to attend our WEEKLY, Monday Night Live Webinars, where after a brief overview of our programs & services that we offer we have a Q&A Session towards the end of the call where you can get your question(s) answered.  Simply Go To:  http://CollegeDegreePlanners.Info @ 8:30PM CENTRAL Every Monday Night. 

Please View The Features In The Chart Below offered in "The Navigator"!!

* Please Note - "The Navigator" Includes 2 Additional FREE Memberships!!


"The Navigator"
$49.95 Monthly
(Includes 2 Add'l FREE Memberships)

The Role Students Play

8th thru 12th Grade

The Role Parents Play

Planning Time Lines

Saving for College

Timely Reminders

College Cost Planning

Credit Building

Credit Repair
* Additional Fees Apply

My Debt Manager

Student Loan Consolidation
* Additional Fees Apply

Financial Coaching Program
* Additional Fees Apply

Unsecured Debt Assistance
* Additional Fees Apply

Business Credit
* Additional Fees Apply

ACT Test Preparation

SAT Test Preparation

PSAT Test Preparation

Weekly Live Presentation

Personal Profile
Event Calendar
Task Manager
My College Planner
College Major Quiz
Scholarships & Grant Search
Cash for College Expenses
And much more!


Once you have purchased "The Navigator"


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