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Our College Planning Services

Are You Preparing For The College Entrance Exams?

If you are, then I have some exciting news for both teachers and students!!

Hi, My name is Allie.  If you’re a Teacher, responsible for preparing your students for the College Entrance Exam Test!!

Then you should use, “The Planner” by College Degree Planners.

Some of the teachers using the online testing available through The Planner help prepare their students for the College Entrance Exams by having them practice for one hour for the ACT and SAT Exams on a weekly basis.

They simply Access their personal account for the students to practice. They present the questions through an overhead projector for the entire class to view the questions are timed just like the written test that the student will take at a future date

The online practice tests, help students to get ready for a timed test.  If the student gives the wrong answer to the question, the right answer will be displayed. This accomplishes two goals, having the RIGHT ANWSER, allows the student to use it as a study guide and having it timed, prepares them for the actual timed test.

Teachers can divide their class into two groups A and B, rotating the questions between the groups, so all of the students can take a question and answer, or ask for help from one of the students in theirgroup. This helps all students in the preparation for the tests.

The Planner

It is 100% free and offers a dorm-full of great info, tools and resources. This service is designed for Students from the 8th thru 12th Grade and allows theirParents, Grand Parents, Counselors, and Teachers to monitor their progress.

We’re talking about thorough college planning, including;

  • Important timelines
  • Step by step guide
  • Planning reminders
  • Preparing for entrance exams
  • Online practice test … ACT, SAT, and PSAT
  • Understanding student loans
  • Raising Funds
  • Understanding credit
  • Managing debt

The Planner

The Navigator

Our Services

  • Provide solutions for students in junior and senior high school.
  • Empower parents and students with facts.
  • Help students who need to be challenged to attend colleges that fulfill their needs, leading to success.
  • Motivate students to take the initiative and follow through with action.
  • Help parents and students relate and work more effectively together toward a valuable education partnership that lasts the student's lifetime.

Planning For Your Future

We help students prepare for and attend the college of their choice in the most affordable way by offering to the students and parents "The Planner" and "The Navigator" ...

We have helped thousands of families and students (from as young as 8th grade to high school seniors) successfully plan, prepare, and pay for college.

We show you how you can save an average of $100 to $300 each and every month so those savings can be set aside for a college fund, help you prepare for and get a higher test score on your ACT, SAT, and PSAT Exams, teach you what and how things affect your credit, and much more ...

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