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Student Loan Consolidation

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YES! I want to speak with a Student Loan Recovery Consultant so I can discover how to reduce or totally eliminate my monthly student loan payments and stop being a slave to debt. I understand the consultation is completely free and my consultant and I will discuss the different options available to reduce my debt and which specific consolidation plan is best for me in my current situation.
To reserve your free consultation please complete the form below and click on Reserve My FREE Consultation.


So what happens next?

Here's what happens after you click the orange "reserve my free consultation" button below.

  • You'll immediately receive an email with instructions to create a new Federal Student Aid ID (FSA-ID).
  • Once you have your Federal Student Aid ID (FSA-ID) you only have to answer 6 simple questions for us to determine how much money you will save when you consolidate your student loans.
  • Once you submit your answers to the 6 simple questions we'll present your options to consolidate your student loans within two business days.
  • You'll first receive an email with your consolidation options to review before our consultation call. During our consultation call we'll discuss which one of the loan consolidation programs is the best fit.
  • At the time of your telephone consultation you can decide to proceed with a consolidation or decline.
  • The entire consolidation process takes about 90 days from the time you accept the consolidation to the time your payment changes.
  • You can always call or email our office with questions or the status of your consolidation. Our contact information will be in the first email you receive.

During your free consultation, you'll discover how to have your student loans forgiven, canceled, discharged, or consolidated, including information on how to...

  • Reduce your monthly payments to as low as $50 (and in some cases $0)
  • Includes direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans, Federal Stafford Loans and all PLUS loans
  • 5 different consolidation and payment plans
  • Forgiveness programs available
  • Payment options up to 25 years
  • Free Consultation to find out how much you will save
  • If you reduce your payments only $250 per month how will that improve your finances?

What Current Customers are Saying:

After graduating with a Masters Degree in Education, I had $89,608 in Government Student Loan Debt. $1000 per month payments were about to start. It only took one 15 minute phone call to The Student Loan Recovery Plan to understand all of my options. My new payments are only $178 per month. They are so helpful.

Tucker J's Story

I personally had over 10k in student loans. My loans were defaulted because I couldn't afford the monthly payment they wanted of $255 a month.

I consolidated my student loans and lowered my payment to $75 a month on an income based repayment plan. Which paid off my old loans in full and got rid of the default status on my “credit report.”

Marty K, Alabama

I'm saving almost $2000 per month over 30 years. One Free Consultation will determine how much you will save. This is crazy!!!!

Thomas Drouin, Washington State

Please note that ACCESS to ALL OF our programs & services are through the FREE Sherlock Shopping App as it is an integral part to help YOU Save Time & Money on what you are already doing to help you move closer towards your financial goals. 

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