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The Navigator - Information

It’s $49.95 per month but worth every penny …

With tools and info that will help you through college and beyond. 

The $49.95 service is designed for Students from the 8th thru 12th Grade and allows their Parents, Grand Parents, Counselors, and Teachers to monitor their progress.

We’re talking about thorough college planning, including;

  • Important timelines
  • Step by step guide
  • Planning reminders
  • Preparing for entrance exams
  • Online practice test for the ACT, SAT, and PSAT
  • Understanding student loans
  • Raising Funds
  • Understanding credit
  • Managing debt
  • And much more…  More Info

The $49.95 monthly subscription gives access to three (3) separate individuals.

For Example:

  • A Parent and Two (2) Students living at home
  • A Grand Parent and Two (2) grand children 
  • A parent can gift, the third user account to a deserving student outside the home. 
  • The third user might be your son or daughters best friend that needs a little help planning and preparing for college!

The Navigator is designed to take the guess work out of College Planning and preparing, with College Degree Planners expanded features, such as:

  • Over 8,000 Scholarships & Grants Available Nationwide 

To search from, saving the family thousands of dollars on their college cost.

Also included are the following:

  • College Major Quiz
  • Helps determine what their major should be.
  • My College Planner
  • My Debt Manager   
  • Task Manager   
  • Event Calendar
  • And much more…

The Family will be able to determine how much financial aid they are eligible for, before filing the Families FAFSA on October 1 of the student’s senior year.

  • As you can see, College Degree Planners does it all.
  • Stay informed by attending ourweekly webinar and get
  • All your questions answered!
  • That is why Students use, “The Navigator”
  • For less than fifty six (56) cents a day per user, The Navigator can save you thousands, giving your family piece of mind.
  • So if getting through college with as little debt as possible
  • And staying that way throughout your adult life…
  • Is your goal…

Get started today by clicking the link below!

    College Degree Planners
    2213 N. Reynolds Road, Suite 10
    Bryant, AR 72022